LED Grow Lights Plants 60W IP65 For Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor

LED Grow Lights Plants 60W IP65 For Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor

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Wattage 60W
Model BB-GKD-60W-G6
Lamp Paint white
Replacement HPS 200W
Dimensions L600*W57*H30mm
Operation Temp -40 to +45℃
Life Span 50,000 hours at 25℃
Voltage 100-277VAC/50-60Hz  200-480VAC/50-60Hz Available
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The newest line of LED Grow Lights Plants 60W IP65 For Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor, their best LED grow lights yet. You get full spectrum light, high quality quantum boards, an upgraded power supply, and it all runs completely silent (no fan required). Buy the TS series today! well-made steel swing arm ensures excellent corrosion resistance. The base light can be rotated on a unique bracket to repair the loading and unloading platform opening, has high visibility .The manual adjustment knob design makes the light directly rotate 360 ° by hand. The 45-inch rocker arm allows you to precisely align the beam with the required brightness. Helps increase employee comfort and productivity.Widely used for grow tent, grow box, grow chamber, grow room, hydroponics, aquaponics, greenhouse, vertical farm, indoor gardening and so on. It is suitable for almost all the plants, such as herbs, succulents, vegetables, bonsai tree, houseplant, orchid, lemon, chili, tomatoes, algae etc.Full aluminum grow lamp body with excellent cooling capacity and PMMA clear front cover to protect LEDs. Sturdy construction to block water, drip, mist and dust. No fans, no noise, low heat and easy set up. No harms to plants and human. But DO NOT stare at LEDs directly! It’s too bright to hurt your eyes.Red Blue grow light provides the wavelength that plants most desired from nature, which is good for all stages of growth – germination, seedling, vegetative, flowering and fruitage.24 months warranty plus 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee, 100% money back. Contact us first to make it right if any issues.Plant Grow lights make it easy to grow plants indoors, With a set of grow lights, you can grow many plants indoors, including houseplants, orchids, and even some fruit and vegetable crops.Grow lights are ideal for seed starting because they help ensure stocky, green seedlings. A wintertime harvest of herbs and salad greens can also be grown under lights.

LED Grow Lights Plants 60W IP65 For Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor Details:

1. Unique top design 3.0/W conductivity, 20z copper thickness.

2. High efficiency white light quantum plate adopts TOP2835SMD LED

3.The full spectrum of white light gives better results.

4.UL listed power supply, safe and reliable.Life is long.

5. Perfect for vegetables and flowers.

6. Green, energy saving, long and reliable life, up to 50.000 hours

7.No RADIofrequency interference, no INFRARED/ultraviolet radiation, no mercury contamination.

8. Better canopy light transmission and diffuse light.

9. Environmental protection and energy saving (70-80%).

10. Special circuit design, each LED works independently, avoiding the impact of a single broken LED.


Power 60W
Model BB-GKD-60W-G6
Replacement HPS 200W
Luminous Efficacy 90lm/W
Spectrum Full spectrum
Mounting Hanging Mounting
Light Source 2835 SMD LED
Operation Temp -40 to +45℃
Life Span 50,000 hours at 25℃
Voltage 100-277VAC/50-60Hz  200-480VAC/50-60Hz Available
Driver UL listed power supply
Dimming Dimmable
Sensor No sensor
Surface Treatment Al6063 surface anodizing treatment
Material Die-cast aluminum
PF >0.95
Warranty 5Years


1, no need to drive or cool the wind mill standard power socket connection.

2. Plants grow in the cake red matte wavelength environment.

3. Compared with other common lighting devices, LED plants are mild and do not produce baby blue.Energy savings of 10 percent to 2096 compared to other plant lights.

4. Light helps plants grow taller, while red light helps them blossom and bear fruit.

LED Grow Lights provides you with Plant Grow Lights. You can choose your favorite lighting, different wattage, different installation accessories, and you can have different control system for different project.

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